Some of the ranking services help us to decide if the site is high ranking one or not with website rank checker tool. Based on that we can build the backlinks, submit the posts, and advertise on a site because they are the one which will help to increase your website popularity.


Page Rank

The Google PageRank service is one of the methods to determine the page quality, importance and popularity. The site with the highest PageRank is more likely to appear at the top of the search results. It is measured from 0 to 10. The PageRank is based on the backlinks, if the quality of the backlink is high then higher will be the Google PageRank. Google PageRank can help you to improve your search engine ranking.

Sites with PR of 10 are rare. Sites with PR of 9 and 8 are of high quality but not as of 10. The sites with PR of 5 to 7 are of good quality and are more in number when compared to 9 and 8. Sites with PR of 2, 3 and 4 are of the average quality. While 0 and 1 are below average sites and they are not placed in the top backlinking site.


Alexa – Website Rank Checker Tool

Alexa is a tool from Amazon to measure the popularity of a website. For a website, the daily number of traffic visitors and page views will help to decide the Alexa ranking for the website. This is one of the best website rank checker tools. If a website gets more traffic means it helps in increasing the Alexa ranking.

Alexa ranking is different from PR. PR is divided into groups while Alexa ranking is based on 1K, 10K, 50K, 100K, 200K. The rankings under 10K are high quality and very popular sites. 10K TO 30K are good quality, 30K to 100K rankings get a good decent traffic compared to 10 K to 30K. The sites above 200K are good while the remaining sites are not good sites and they get a very low traffic. Alexa also helps us to know which country we are getting high traffic.



Quantcast provides the services which are mainly targeting the US market. The collection of data is from a sample, which is comprised of webmasters who inserts a code on their sites. It will track the visitors than collecting the data from the total internet population. There are a number of sites which are good which does not use its service but helps to see if the site is good or not.


MozTrust and MozRank

MozTrust and MozRank metrics are provided by the Moz and they are very useful for the SEO. It also has other popular authority metrics like Domain Authority and Page Authority. MozRank gets to know about the quantity of the backlink. While MozTrust will tell about the quality of the backlink and also how trustworthy it is. It uses a scale to measure the score from 1 to 10.



ComScore uses a trial of closely two million users to know the ranking which is not as good as Alexa or PR but a good website rank checker tool. It is more useful when they are planning the advertising budget. They are trying to get the backlink for the site which may be on the top for which the services can be present on the top of the internet.


Google Trends

Google Trends are mostly used for the search of the keywords. But it also provides information about how to sites are compared over the time or in the different region. If you want to get past information about the site. So that you can predict the future popularity of the particular site.



The ranking is also one of the websites which provide the service if you’re not satisfied with the remaining sites. It is a limited site because it tells about only the top one million sites. If your site is not present then it is not as popular as the others. It collects the data from IE browser toolbar. This is one of the best website rank checker tools. Which tells that the data is altered because the Firefox and Apple users are not the part of the sample. If it is used in conjunction then it helps to determine if the site is good or bad for the backlinks.

If you use any other site rank checker tools which work well for you, let us know via the comments section below.

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