Aptech Bangalore

The most appealing thing about Filesie is their efficiency. They have a very responsive team who maintain regular communication with my company to ensure results. I am glad about the service they have provided to me and I would definitely recommend them to others.

Perfaware, LLC

Their enthusiastic outlook and their passionate team drew my attention instantly. I do it very rarely but I can wholeheartedly say that I am content with the services that they have provided.

Agile Data

Filesie does quick, efficient work. They were given the task of designing my company website and creating an online presence. A task that they accomplished remarkably. It is not farfetched to say that I got results that were ahead of my expectations.

Dollar Staffing

Remarkable. That would be the word that I would describe Filesie by. I was very content with the organic leads provided and the social media presence also gave us a unique identity. I will hire them again if the need arises and will comfortably recommend it to a friend, knowing full well that they will do a good job.

Bolt Consulting

No matter what the odds, Filesie was always able to deliver quality, on time. Always meeting their deadlines. They consistently performed in every step of the way. I am happy I chose Filesie as my Digital Marketing partner. Would definitely recommend this to a friend.

Rural Yellow

They are a good company with a lot of promise. Hoping they keep growing. Wishing them the best.

Muppa Projects

I have been with them since day one. The determination and quality of work they have shown are truly remarkable. Me being their client even after so many years should show the trust I have on them.

Shreya Infra

I am pleased with the well-rounded services of Filesie. I am happy with my choice of selecting Filesie as my Digital Strategist Partner. They are a top-class company, through and through.

Vishnu Ventures

Performing beyond expectations consistently is something not a lot of companies can do. Filesie is not one of those companies. With excellent results from the first day to the last, they were a treat to work with.

Jesse College

Filesie is standing out in the most obvious way in the digital marketing market. By providing diligent work. The team stayed in constant contact with me and my company and they properly implemented the instructions given to them.

Brics Academy

When it comes to digital marketing there are loads of companies that talk a good game, but Filesie and Kalyan help me make it happen. Their work on our websites and Internet marketing has made a significant difference to our business. They have enabled me, coached me and given me a remarkable experience. With almost no time and effort for me, the best part was that I completely trust their team. Normally people think that digital marketing is too expensive or they don’t trust others to handle their website or perhaps they think they don’t need to hire an expert because they could do the work themselves. However for my business, the Filesie team is pretty remarkable in their approach. Absolutely the best team to work with.

Sowmya Ayyagari-LearnX

Filesie Did an excellent job handling the design of our web site. Kalyan and his team made sure I was updated throughout the process and gave me insight to help make my web page more user friendly for my customers. I would highly recommend Filesie if you are looking to build your brand online or just in need of web design.

Ananth Tata – CoFounder x10X Global Solutions Pvt Ltd

We’re a startup with a great brand, and the Filesie team have jumped in and began getting us straightened out. The process is completely worthwhile as the results begin to show themselves once implemented. Their team is transparent, communicative, direct, and extremely enjoyable to work with on a weekly/daily basis.Their commitment to deliver the best quality results in a short period of time is unrivaled. They are honest, sharp and focused — an invaluable resource for anyone in need of top-notch, future-proofed digital marketing support.

Baby Spa

The best part of working with Filesie is the team consistently delivers in time and without compromising on the quality. They go beyond their call to understand our requirements and come up with the options for us to choose. We are very happy to have Filesie as our digital marketing partner and everyone who is looking for a great digital presence for their brands and online marketing should have Filesie as their partner. Our best wishes to the team!

Million Smiles Dental

Thank you Kalyan and the entire Filesie team for providing your unique services for my websites, Million Smiles Dental and Centreway Dental including our facebook posts and SEO marketing. You guys have been fantastic with customer service and have always shown willingness and promptness in delivering high quality results. It’s indeed pleasure to work with you and highly recommend your services to all my friends and family. Thank you very much. – Dr Archana