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In digital marketing sphere of content marketing and SEO it has been said the ‘content is the king in SEO’. “SEO or Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of creating, formatting and promoting web pages in a manner that ensures that they are ranked highly for chosen keyword phrases after a user performs a Web search.”


SEO is one of the most powerful tools you can have in your arsenal. In order to rank your website on popular search engines. Such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! In other words, SEO is the tool that let you promote or advertise your website for free on these search engines. Moreover, proper SEO also drivers huge amount of an organic traffic to your website. Which is quite definitely the most welcoming aspect of promoting your website.


After deliberating about the astounding benefits of SEO one may definitely be convinced that he or she should prioritize. In some case over quality content, SEO. Resulting in them creating a tremendous pressure on their content writer regarding the creating of top-tier SEO content. Instead of getting the piece of content which is written creatively with enticing colors and texture to attract the readers. And that’s the point where the website or blog writers start to think to prioritize SEO over their artistic approach to writing.


The question ‘do content writers really need to think about SEO?’ can be answered after analyzing the current trends going on regarding digital marketing. Precisely in the field of content marketing and SEO. You can also conceive the idea of when to prioritize the SEO over high-quality original content, after reading this post.


Technical vs Creative

SEO is more of art as it does not only involves plain text that can be optimized with the right keywords. The density of keywords in this text, backlinks, title, Metadata and few more element. But SEO is way more complex and consist more entity instead of plain text as what most people think. To rank your website higher in the search engine index the SEO text isn’t enough. You have to deal with image and video and other media file optimization, even your website architecture plays the key role when it comes to SEO.


When it comes to professional content writers, they are contained with killer skills to write the content creatively. Add more color and texture to the content and art of storytelling in the similar way of video or images but inform of text. As we have stated in the start of this article ‘Content is the king in SEO’, clarify that the content must be of high-quality and hundred percent plagiarism free that can easily drive the traffic to your website by later optimizing it.


So the point is, Content writers are the responsible for creating unique and original content. Which is added with the zest of excitement that your users love to read and keep them regular visitors to your site? The creative and artistic approach is far way more important than of technical approach of SEO used to build traffic to your website. Especially when you are in the phase of where you are the newbie and just getting the kickstart.


The Role of the Content Writer in SEO and SEO Content Writing

One can exist without another. If there is no original and quality content SEO can’t be done. Even if SEO can be done, the result would be devastating facing hatred from the Google or other search engines. So the content writer must think independently without focusing on SEO to develop the most enticing and user-friendly content. If there is no content there is no SEO. Hence, in this case, the content writer does not really need to think about SEO.


When it comes to the role of SEO content writing, the writer can definitely focus on ‘text’ aspect of SEO. Which involves the number of keywords to be used at the right place and the certain number of times along with a few other elements of backlinks, title, and subtitles, Meta description etc.


SEO can definitely make the content widespread and create thousands of more users every month added with free advertisement and promotion on Google for free. How does SEO do that?


Search engines use web crawler algorithms to craw all information placed on the internet and create an index. Then, when users use search engines to search for information, search engine spiders (web crawlers) take the keyword. And match it to information on their index, and return the most relevant information within a matter of seconds.


And Why You Should Bother with SEO?

Optimizing your website content, i.e. optimizing your text, video, and image content effects. How search engine spiders (search engines algorithms called web crawlers) that periodically crawl. And index web-pages in order of relevance to search queries) view your website and the position they place it on their index. The more visible your content is to these ‘spiders’, the higher your website ranks on SERPs. The higher a page or content ranks, the more traffic it receives.


Both SEO and natural content writing are equally important and necessary. In order to gain the tremendous amount of traffic to your website. Original and fresh content will drive the users to your site while SEO exposes it to the Google proudly and the content writer should definitely think about the text aspect of SEO. In order to accomplish the goal of achieving the highest rank in the search engine index.


If So, To What Extent Content Writer Needs to Think About SEO?

Yes, content writer definitely thinks about SEO after observing the number of benefits SEO brings. But there is the limit where the content writer needs to stop thinking about SEO and stay focused on creating intellectual and user loving content. Instead of making it more like ‘zombie content’ without any emotion that makes it abysmal. As long as the content writer can manage the SEO regarding text material it’s totally fine but when it comes to other aspects of SEO such as media and website itself, you should be looking for professional SEO expert.


It is possible to have your writer dig a bit into SEO. So they can cover the minimum requirement of what search engine wants to pass first. You can ask SEO to review the content and send the suggestion to the writer. If it is necessary and let the SEO handle other tasks required to go through the toughest way of creating enormous traffic to your website.


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