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Do you know what are social media platforms? the wrong question right? I should probably be asking how frequently you use these social media platforms. Social Media is the new ‘it’ thing and has found its way into our day-to-day lives. According to a survey by a major marketing agency, on average, a person is spending more than 5 years of his life on social media. 



With technology at our fingertips, we share every minute detail or important happenings of our lives on these social media platforms. On your way to work or even when your home unknowing you must be spending hours on these platforms. These social media platforms totally became an unreplaceable part of our life. 


So, the point of discussion here is how can we use these platforms to drive our sales and increase our social media engagement? Social media marketing is the holy grail for many businesses. As social media marketing has more reach compared to the traditional marketing approach.  


Social Media Engagement and Sales 

Do you own a business? or you know someone who owns? then definitely share this article with them as we are going to give some insides on how to increase your social media engagement. 


According to a survey, 39% of businesses say they know the importance of social media platforms, but are confused on which platforms to use, 31% have no idea why social media platforms are important for their businesses, 36% say that they can’t keep up with these changing trends and 19% have tried social media marketing but didn’t achieve desired results. 


If you come under any of these categories, no worries we will help you get a clear picture of Social media marketing. Social media marketing is basically promoting your products or websites through social media platforms. As people spend most of their time on these sites, they can help you reach the unapproachable corners of the virtual world to gain attention and increase your customer base.  


Still not convinced why social media marketing is important for your business? Here are some reasons that may help in broadening your views on social media marketing. 


Increases visibility

The more you stay in the eye of the customer, the more chances you have to sell your product. Social media platforms create visibility for your company among your customers. Moreover, helps you create an image among your targeted audience. 



Builds customer base 

When you use social media platforms to improve your business, you can rapidly increase your customers by targeting the right type of audience and can even form a loyal customer base. This helps you socialize with your customers and makes your company more approachable to your customer base. 


Receive feedbacks and improve quality 

As you are constantly in touch with your customers through these platforms you can receive feedback on your products or services, take their suggestions to improve your quality. Even address their grievances and resolve their issues, improving your image in the customer’s eyes. 


ROI is higher 

ROI (Return on investment) is high compared to other marketing approaches. It’s not that traditional marketing approaches don’t work but they can be costly. However, social media marketing is cost-effective, you can track your progress with real-time results. If used properly, social media marketing will do justice to both money and time you spent on it. 


Increases social media engagement within the local community  

With these social media platforms, we can connect to both our local and international community. Social media marketing increases chances not only in your known territory but also opens new avenues to venture into untested waters. 


Enough said about how social media marketing can increase your social media engagement and sales. You tried using social media marketing, but didn’t receive the desired results? Must be wondering where did it go wrong? 


For social media marketing to work effectively, you must know where your target customers are spending their time? You must know your target audience properly to make the strategy work. Choosing the right platform is most important, you can’t just randomly choose a platform to post your content, you must do the initial research to know the platforms where your clients are spending most of their time and choose accordingly.  



You must keep an eye on your competitors or peer’s social media platforms to analyze the type of audience in your industry and then accordingly plan your strategy. Provide any tips or information to your audience as creatively as possible. Social media platforms can be used not only to promote your products online but can also help you in increasing engagement to your websites. 


Here are 5 social media marketing tools that can help you in your quest to increase your social media engagement and sales. 

  1. HootSuite

Are you an agency or a user handling multiple accounts? Then Hootsuite can answer for all worries. Hootsuite makes it easy to add all the accounts and to schedule post across all major social media platforms. Hootsuite is the best in the industry as they provide a robust training program that not only teaches about tools but also provides in-depth knowledge about social media marketing. 


  1. HubSpot

There are many tools that help you post or schedule posts on social media platforms. However, what makes HubSpot unique is that it not only helps you in posting or publishing, but we can also get closed loop reporting data, you can even track down the posts and channels that generate leads and sales. 


  1. Buffer

A Buffer is used when you deal with different social media platforms, it lets you customize each post for the respective platform it gets posted to. Buffer tracks the links to see which content gets more attraction and also helps you share your content at the perfect time throughout the day. 


  1. SproutSocial


Sprout Social helps you track the real-time communications and allows to schedule the content in advance. It provides reporting tools to inform about future strategies and also helps to manage the clients social media mentions. 


  1. Spinklr

All Social tools are different from one another, some are affordable while some are quite expensive. So, it is impossible to have just one, but if you’re looking for a package that can perform everything or anything, then Sprinklr is best in the market that can help you with the approval of content, posting and metric reporting. 



Social media marketing tools can be considered as opportunities served on a golden platter to improve your business. Facebook drives traffic of 955 million, this alone shows the influence of social media. Whether a small scale or a large-scale business using these tools can drive an increase in their social media engagement and sales.

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