Importance of Responsive Website

In today’s competitive world where you have to be the best to survive. Responsive websites are a key factor to grow your market and bring traffic to your websites. The number of people using mobile phones is exploding and almost every person we know has a smartphone. In this article, we will learn the importance of the responsive website.


Websites must be operated in the same way on laptops, smartphones, tablets and any other devices without causing any trouble. Bootstrap was introduced for this purpose and it became very popular in a very short amount of time. Nowadays almost all the websites are using Bootstrap to become responsive.


Let us look at the reasons why your website needs to be responsive:-


SEO Friendly

Google loves website which is responsive and always allows them better ranks to the websites which are not responsive. These websites are search engine optimization friendly. It is very difficult and very important at the same time to appear on the first page of Google and making your website responsive helps you towards reaching that goal. SEO friendliness helps a lot in increasing the traffic to your websites and reach out to more and more people. This lets your business flourish in a very small time.


Mobile Friendly

As we already mentioned that mobile users are growing exponentially and we would definitely have to work. To provide them the same facilities as a user from any laptop would get. Blogging, using Social Media, online shopping, reading news, searching for something, or reading stories online have all become more frequent through mobile phones. Responsive websites work the same way, whether they are opened from the desktop, laptop or your mobile phones. These websites are the best fit because these days most of the traffic comes from mobile phones.


Adapts to Any Size of Screen

Responsive websites would work in the same manner no matter where they are accessed from. If such websites are opened from desktop, laptop, tablets or smartphones. They would work in the same way and provide the same user experience. It is good for the future planning also because in future any electronic device of any screen size is launched. Then these responsive websites would work in the same way no matter what.


The world is changing faster than we can imagine and as we have seen it in the last two decades. And we don’t know what might come next. But, these responsive websites gives us an upper hand because of its ability to adapt to any size of the screen.


Great User Experience

Great User experience is an importance of responsive website because it would bring back the users and make a base audience. For you who will keep using your website consistently and responsive websites are able to deliver a wonderful user experience. It is smooth and easy to use with stylish fonts and graphics and giving the website a great look and feel along with a great user experience. These websites are very easy to find, very easy to use and have a great user interface. If you create a great product using these responsive websites, then you will be successful for sure.


Low Maintenance Cost

Responsive websites need very low maintenance cost in the long run once they are created because they are very flexible and adaptable. They can adapt to any screen size and can keep on working for years to come without causing any trouble. If any problems occur, it is in the core structure of the website and it will not come under maintenance cost.


They are easy to create, easy to use and easy to maintain. Cost cutting solutions are always needed when we are linked to a major project and using. These responsive websites sure curb your long time costs and increase your profits.


Easy to Manage

Responsive websites are very easy to manage because bootstrap has a lot of built-in classes which makes our work a lot easier. We can even ignore the how and why part and concentrate just on what part, what it has to offer. You can manage the websites single-handedly, with just one administrator. You can just check once in your website to analyze the changes and the rest is taken care of you.


Increases Traffic

Responsive websites have a great user interface and a great look and feel, which helps to get a bounce-back traffic. If people like using your website, then they will keep coming back which will definitely increase the traffic on the website. On top of that, the Google gives these responsive websites the top priority and such websites are very SEO friendly. Which makes the first-timers come directly to our website.



Responsive websites are very user-friendly. They have a great user interface, are very easy to use and have a great look and feel. Any ordinary man can learn to operate such websites without any trouble and will actually have fun using them. User friendliness is a key factor in making your websites successful. You may have built a brilliant product all by yourself but if it is not user-friendly, people will not use it. This quality makes the responsive websites a little addictive in nature.


Final Thoughts

We have gone through this list of the reasons why your websites should be responsive. Let me conclude it in a nutshell for you. These responsive websites are always ranked on the top by Google and other search engines. It has a great user interface which provides an amazing look and feels and people keep coming back to these websites.


Responsive websites are adaptable to any screen size. No matter if it is a laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet, it will work all the same. These websites are very flexible and adaptable. They can adjust any screen size. It has very less maintenance cost and it can be managed single-handedly. We can handle it even with one administrator and It is really very user-friendly. It’s easy to create, easy to use and easy to maintain.


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