Google Ad Services

Paid Advertising is constantly shifting its outline to cater to the demand in the market. Constant growth and change in buying pattern of the people help platforms like Facebook, Google ad services, Bing Ad services, and other platforms to think beyond expectations. Filesie pushes its limits to execute paid campaigns.
Our approach towards executing paid advertising is unique. We employ the use of advanced data analytics and next-generation Artificial Intelligence to convey the right message to the end users.
Filesie either take it one step at a time or straight move in for the sell. We think that in the web of moments, there is no better way.
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Paid Advertising platforms

three important phases

Our simple and transparent fee structure helps clients to start their first campaigns almost immediately with any of the below platforms.

Google Ad Services | Facebook Marketing | Instagram Business | Youtube Advertising | Bing Ads

Our Approach to Paid Media

Our award-winning PPC team will execute the pay per click campaigns. These executed campaigns are measurable and scalable and result driven. Our Holistic paid advertisement strategy is based on the date checkpoints and clients objectives and goals. It’s just that simple.

Account Structure

A profitable PPC search happens from its architecture of the campaign which was built upon and its surrounded framework. We have been successfully delivering results across various industry verticals over the past 5 years. We have been praised for the performance and results by our clients.

Dedicated PPC Expert

We work the Agile way and assign a dedicated expert who interacts directly with the client and acts as a single point of contact. We believe it is vital to successful campaign execution.

Transparency & Reporting

Filesie is transparent in the way we interact with our customer and report the data. Honesty drives our success. We report the data straight from the networks and no data will be altered just because we need to retain the customer. We believe a customer is our sales engine. The more results we deliver, the more they refer us to their network.

The Audit

Paid search audit by certified experts

Our in-house certified experts carry manual audit without using any tools. We examine the structure, analyze the target audience, carry keyword research, measure the performance based on the historical data. The audits are complimentary for our select few prospects. Meet our PPC Team. Are you joyful with your current paid campaign performance and results? Our PPC Audits will tell you. We guarantee it!