Facebook Marketing

Facebook is massive. It is the major source for online display marketing platform in the world. In fact, Facebook is ahead of its competitors in generating advertising views online. Did you know, Facebook has more than 1 billion registered users, and the average spent time by the user is more than 7 hours per day.
Finding an ideal target audience and getting the offer in front of the user in Facebook is simple, provided the correct strategy is applied and audiences are gauged and selected. This will help increase the traffic to the website and eventually increase the sales and bottom line. Failing to apply the techniques correctly will lead to wastage of funds and lagging behind the competition.
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Facebook Advertisement process

The integration of search engine needs and user needs means that the SEO has to be involved in every step of the content creation process. Here’s how SEO-focused thinking can be applied to the primary steps of content creation.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

  • Super cost-effective way to reach the same number of individuals vs TV advertising with just 1% of its cost.
  • Individuals can be targeted by the advertiser according to gender, age, location, and other predefined metrics.
  • Using Facebook Pixel, it is super easy to retarget the same audiences and track their behavior pattern online.
  • The design of the news feed and an ad is so similar that the individual cannot make any difference.
  • Word-of-mouth effect: likes by a user are visible to other friend members group and this ripple effect creates organic traffic

Grow your business 10x using the Facebook marketing services

We are a growth driven Facebook ad agency. Our creatives have seen a massive exposure within Facebook and Instagram network and helped our clients increase their sales volume and the decrease in their cost per click. We will help manage your Facebook business page and unlock the true potential to reach the targeted audiences. Our certified PPC experts will manage your campaigns and a dedicated account manager will look after your engagements on facebook network.

Facebook has created a wonderful opportunity for small-medium businesses to reach their target audience and deliver the deep message of the brand.

Leveraging Facebook advertising for lead generation

We live in a profound era for business. We don’t focus on Facebook likes or followers – we focus on results, conversions, leads, and sales. With the right offer, to the right people, you can see the results never before imagined.

Before running any campaign, we thoroughly examine your ideal audience and the best ways to target them. On top of that, we split test every campaign we run, from the ad graphics, the ad copy, right down to the audience we target.

To succeed in any campaign, you need three things to work in alignment: the right ads, to the right audience, pushing them to the right destination.

Targeting capabilities & audience segmentation

Reduce your cost per inquiry and improve your lead to sale conversion rate through hyper-targeted audience segmentation.


  • Age
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Location


  • Relationship Status
  • Education Level
  • Employer


  • Customer database matched to Facebook
  • Profiles
  • Friends of fans/users


  • Type
  • OS Version
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity


  • Actions taken with sites and apps
  • Offline purchase behavior
  • Likes and interests


  • Local
  • Realtime (weather, events)
  • Seasonality (mothers)

Custom & similar audiences

Most business owners who use Facebook for their businesses are unaware that they are able to leverage their current and existing database of email contacts to advertise directly in the Facebook. In most cases, we see that at least 50 to 60% of the customer’s current email database provides the same email id to Facebook when they create an account. If their current or existing database lines up with an email of an account holder who is already on Facebook then the advertiser is capable to market directly to this email.

Custom audiences let selected agencies to upload their existing databases into the Facebook back end to run targeted ads toward users whose email IDs in the database matches a Facebook login email which is almost 70% of most databases.

This feature within the Facebook lets any businesses to re-engage lost or cold inquiries and also up-sell present customers.

Unsure about where to start? Have more personalized goals? Contact us directly, and we’ll arrange a customized plan suited for your needs and budget.