Design and Development

who are we & what we do

Our service directs on website design and development, mobile applications, and search engine optimization. These services are approved by a wide range of supportive services such as graphic art, product design, graphic design, web design and web development, banners and many more. Our expertise is always there for you to examine your technology needs and provide support when required.

We deliver a range of services to help business divisions to achieve a distinctive identity to signify their business through the visual message. Our web designers and developers team will make the designing campaigns to deliver your website exposure to the potential customers. Whether you’re a small, medium company or large businesses or an individual, Filesie will create a customized and unique branding for your business.

Web Design & Development

with our digital marketing & technology solutions

Web design is the creation of digital environment that encourage and support human activity; reflect or adjust to individual’s voice and substance; and transform over time while constantly holding their identity. Good design is based on careful research and yields unmistakable results. From responsive web design that helps satisfy your visitors to digital marketing campaigns that drive traffic to your website, we design with style and quality.

Mobile Applications

building games for the Android Phone & other mobile devices

We focus on developing the engaging Enterprise & Business applications. Our mobile app developers develop effective, interactive mobile applications that prompt engaging environment to the clients to work together with the brand. This builds clear estimation of your brand and establishes that you are at the front line of your business.


who we are & why we are here

Your brand is your business identity. Developing a strong brand identity for your business is an extremely important factor in its success. Our process of designing a brand begins with a broad ideation, preparation to meet the set objectives and parameters of the task. The existing components like name, logo are analyzed for acceptability and brand value. Considering, how the brand functions within the scope of visual and physical circumstances and join into an extensive style guide.