Content Marketing Services

STRATEGY + ACTION – Having a plan is just a piece of the puzzle
Building an audience using content is flexible, repeatable, scalable and allows you to build a relationship with your customers by sharing your knowledge.
This is a proven process used a million times over and over by marketers to build loyal and active audiences. This is how we do it for you and of course, content is what we breathe in.
We say no to more people than we say yes. The fact that you’re reading this now, means that you met our ideal client profile map. We will meet your expectations too as your content marketing partner.
This is a learning process. We would work along with your marketing team to understand your brand, voice, and tone. We would initially interact with your team to set the action items and start working on generating freshly brewed content 🙂
This is a continuous process and we will do these in batches so we can all get in a flow and don’t take up hours of your time throughout the month.
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Creating high-quality content

Ideation process

Building an audience is one of the best things you can ever do in your business. Once you reach that magical point, your promotion is handled by your followers, your marketing costs become almost non-existent and you can build a repeatable income.

Set your business up with a valuable content marketing strategy

The schedule

This sets the tone for everything else we need to do. If you post any less than once a week, you can, of course, create better quality content, but without the frequency, it’s hard to get off the ground. Once per week at a minimum is required.

There are many reasons:

  • Many chances for Google to pick your articles up in your first year alone
  • More social media exposure
  • More variety in your articles
  • You can go deeper into subjects which solve specific problems and are therefore easier to rank for

Content ideas

You might be thinking there’s no way you could come up with that many ideas but don’t worry. We have a process we take you through many ideas to explore. You can choose the best from there.

This is the same kind of content marketing process ghostwriters will take their clients through when writing their books.

Giving your audience what they want

It’s not just about pumping out articles you want to write though, this is about matching what your potential audience wants with what you can give them. Too many people try to do one or the other rather than doing both.

One method is searching the Q&A website, Quora for keywords relating to your area of expertise. This is great because it’s gathering the exact questions people are asking.
You can then write articles answering them or use them as inspiration for articles of your own.

We do the writing, you just unload your knowledge

You don’t need to write anything, all you need to do is spend an hour on the phone each month to us and we will extract everything we need to produce a quality posts. We will send each one to you for review well in advance.

All graphics, photos and assets will be created by us. All you need to do time-wise is budget that an hour phone call and the rest is on us.


This is an uphill struggle to begin with. It takes a lot of effort to get just a few subscribers and readers but we will figure out the best route to begin with. Where possible we will utilize what you currently have, such as an existing email list or social following. Once we’ve done that we will fill the gaps by using Facebook ads.

Going forward the strategy will change as we do more link building, more SEO and more partnering and collaboration. As you build a brand with your content, this all gets much easier.

This will be the best investment you will ever make in your business.