The online videos are creating with an aim promoting the business, increasing online presence as well as increasing brand awareness and trust. Here we will learn about Video SEO and how to implement them.


The search engine websites such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others are not meant to ‘read’ the videos, they work on the basis of looking for specific keywords present in the video ‘Title’ and ‘Description’. For this reason, it is necessary to utilize some suitable strategies which could make push your videos into search results promptly. These are best seven tips to fulfill your needs:


1. Title

The most important part of any website is its ‘Title’. The title should make the viewers correctly aware of the content of the video without misleading.  Whenever a search engine is searching for any term or keyword, the title is the first thing that it looks upon. The title begins with those suitable keywords could make your video easier to get the better rank.  The title should be made provoking, engaging, interesting as well unique which would create a curiosity among the viewers.


2. Rich Content

The content of the video should be different, engaging and compelling in order to stand out loud among the millions of videos. The video maker should clear the message he wants to deliver as well as the target audience for whom it’s been made. The script, filming, and editing of the video should be clear and approach should be gentle. Do not try to confuse your audiences with too much of information regarding a product or service. These kinds of videos are left away just after watching for 30 seconds.


3. Sharing

It’s wise to share the video on everywhere video sharing portals for better effect and promotion. It increases the amount of visibility of the video over the internet. The social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. are also useful for this. Apart from these videos can also be shared upon blogging portals and groups and communities website for wider coverage.


4. Intelligent Use of TAGS for Video SEO

A tag helps in video optimization. The primary keyword used in the title should be made the first tag. The tags decided by the maker should describe the video content in an accurate manner. It is advisable to use more than 7 tags for different keyword phrases or words in the form of tag.


5. Keep Track of Video Performance

Tracking and analytics help in determining the performance of the video over the internet. Ever video hosting websites have built-in analytics tools for this purpose. It gives you complete data like total viewing time, demographics, drop off rates, week, days, even hour’s wise viewers’ numbers, users’ platform for viewing your video etc. These would guide you to form you a strategy to improve your product or service for the target audience.


6. Use of Plugin

There are many plug-ins which can create an interactive transcript which makes the video more searchable and compelling. It also allows the viewers to directly jump at a particular point within the dialogue, thus they can easily pinpoint the thing which they find most interesting.


7. Sitemap

Sitemaps help in boosting search rankings and results. It helps the search bots in locating web content which otherwise might remain and can’t be picked up by the search engines.


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